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It's that time of year again already!

Yes! Lis is absconding overseas again from late July to early October. Kris has some creative work to get done too.

So DIY Publishing Ltd is taking a sabbatical. We will not be accepting work after June 30th 2023 but we will resume accepting work on 2nd October 2023.

How we can help you

  • Don’t know where to start with self-publishing?
  • Don't know whether local print, print-on-demand, or eBooks are right for your book?
  • Not clear about how and where you will get paid?
  • Want to sell to international buyers without incurring crippling postage charges?

DIY Publishing Ltd is here to help writers like you. Whether you are a first time author, or a writer who has previously been traditionally published, or whether you are just totally confused we can help.

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What We Do

DIY Publishing Ltd was set up to help authors who want to finish their book and get it to their readers. Our services include:

  • Cover Design.
  • Interior layout and design for print books and eBooks.
  • Arrange and manage editing, proof-reading and printing.
  • Websites and social media account setups for authors.
  • Obtaining a New Zealand ISBN.
  • Setup accounts in your name for international book retailers including Amazon.

Find out more about our services HERE

What our authors say:

History Write Now

“Some of you have asked which company I used to produce the book. It was DIY Publishing in Wellington, which is run by Lis Sowerbutts and Kris Lockett. They did a terrific job and were very easy and professional to work with. I had an incredibly tight timeframe to publish the book. Lis set up a series of deadlines for each stage of the process. She promised me that if I stuck to the timetable I would get the books at least 48 hours before the launch. I had to ‘burn the midnight oil’ but every task was completed on time.

I am very pleased with the quality of the book: the wonderful stories and poems, the professional look and feel of it, including the beautiful colour photographs of every artifact written about in the book. Lis also has fantastic expertise around ebooks and, again with her help, I was able to quickly get the e-books uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords. I thoroughly recommend DIY Publishing if you want a high quality product and to work people who really know what they are doing.”

Jocelyn Watkin History Write Now

From Cambodians to Kiwis“Kris and Lis were great to work with. They did an amazing job in the layout of my book and provided terrific support in assisting me to work through the Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle. I am very happy with the process, timeframes and quality!”

Julie Chuor From Cambodians to Kiwis

Hato Hohepa Church, Okakewai 50th Jubilee Commenoration booklet“It’s been a great personal experience working with you as a ‘first timer’ to publish a book. I’ve learnt so much from just doing this small family project and I appreciate the effort needed to achieve such an aspiration. Thank you for your invaluable advice, encouragement and professionalism along the way. I’m inspired to learn and do more!”

Roni Bouchier Hato Hohepa Church, Okakewai, 50th Jubilee Commemoration

cover_front web

“Thanks so much to Lis and Kris at DIY Publishing for taking the mystery and fear out of the rapidly changing world of publishing.

Professional, responsive and current, I particularly appreciated their personal investment and interest in the success of my book. A+!”

Karen Nimmo Fish Pie is Worse Than Cancer

Coaley to Stoke The Jellymans Pat Lomath“I wrote the book with the initial intention of doing seven copies for my family. It was to be a simple book printed on my computer and spiral bound. But it grew beyond my capabilities and as more people showed interest and the book expanded I realised I had a tiger by the tail.

I knew I needed help with editing, layout and design but didn’t know where to get it. The end game of writing the book and getting it to print was made a pleasurable experience with the advice, help and guidance of the DIY Publishing team. I will be forever grateful to them for their help.”

Pat Lomath Coaley to Stoke and Beyond

For the entire list of the authors and the books we have helped publish click HERE

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And download our 44-page Introduction to Self-Publishing