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Why we can’t give you a book layout example before you hire us

DIY Publishing Ltd

I’ve just had to have the slightly awkward conversation about why we can’t do a sample book layout for a potential client who is still considering other suppliers, and may not end up working with us. It’s a question that comes up from time-to-time, and is generally asked in good faith by clients who are…

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Scam, or pushy marketing… Jenkins Group

One of our clients contacted us this week, very concerned. She′d received an email offering her a time-sensitive opportunity to have her author page enhanced on both and — but only if she acted within a few days. Alarm bells were ringing, starting with: HER BOOK WASN’T FOR SALE ON AMAZON! I double-checked though,…

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Launch of ‘History Write Now’ Edited by James George

Our latest book is just back from the printer and was launched last Saturday. It is a book of essays and poems written by a group of writers about various objects from New Zealand’s past that are in the Papakura Museum in Auckland. The project manager, Jocelyn Watkin comments: “We had a fabulous book launch for History Write Now…

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Print Distribution – Warehouse or Print-on-Demand ?

POD or warehouse for books

If you are interested in eBook distribution –  check out this article. This time though I want to talk about the old and new when it comes to paperback distribution. Most writers we work with understand that eBooks are a new and exciting development in the world of publishing. What they don’t realize that print-on-demand…

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eBook Distribution — Where Do People Buy My eBook?

eBook Distribution for New Zealanders

A question we often get asked is — how are eBooks distributed? Authors, especially those who are familiar with traditional publishing and paperback books, wonder how the system works for eBooks. In short — it’s a lot more straightforward than traditional publishing. eBooks are just a computer file. There are two main formats: MOBI for Amazon and ePub…

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Why New Zealand Writers Should Be Selling Books On Amazon

Talking to a client yesterday, it afterwards occurred to me that not everyone, particularly in New Zealand, has been buying from Amazon for 15 years, like I have. Knowing what and why is happening on an Amazon book page is important because: Much of it is under you, the author’s, control. Amazon is a master…

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Promoting Your Free Book Giveaway

If you are still wondering why or how you might have your book available for free, then read the previous post on giving away your eBook for free. However, it’s not enough just to make your book free. You have to tell people about it. You need to tell everyone you know, and far more that…

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