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Self Publishing Guide

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Manuscript to Market – DIY

discoverWithout a publisher a writer can:

  • keep creative control of everything from their book’s title to their typeface
  • connect directly with their audience both on and offline
  • keep far more of their royalties (typically 70%. Traditionally, published authors get around 10% of book sales)
  • control where their books are published
  • set their own price (within limits)
  • control for how long their book is in print — indeed there is no longer a reason for books to go out of print
  • publish worldwide
  • keep all rights to their work.

The writer has stopped being the beggar at the door of publishing houses, trying desperately to get a polite refusal, never mind a contract. Now, the writer is in the middle of the publishing process.

Knowledge is power — said a wise man.

Self Publishing RoadmapDIY Publishing is developing a series of courses and books to empower authors. These will be modular and designed and developed with the beginner in mind. They will cover the topic of self-publishing.
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