Cafés & Curiousity

Stories of Travel Adventures and Observations to Inspire You

Lynette Morris

Cafes & Curiosity

Dipping my toe in the world of travel, just about “living in cafes” and being curious has rewarded me with a wonderful, adventurous life which I am only now as a “retired citizen of the world,” fully appreciating. All these events developed after I was forty years old, so I have proved that you are never, too old. Being an avid people-watcher, I am never bored.
Some how, some way I found a way to finance my many travels on a shoe-string budget.
One travel adventure led to another and my imagination and optimistic outlook on life emerged, written on scraps of paper. I was often urged to create a book. Finally, the procrastination took a back seat and now I feel very proud to present my first book to you.
I would like to think that as you read this, you will be inspired to just “do it” whatever it is that you would like to do.
Laugh at yourself, be curious, do the unexpected and you will find the simplicity of life becomes so fulfilling.

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Lynette is an inveterate traveller and observer of life in all its facets. This is her first published book.

Lynette launched her book in Wellington on December 11. An early reader of the book, Georgia, gave an eloquent review at the launch: “the whole book is about encouragement”, she said.

This book is available from the author, Lynette Morris: