Chromecast User Guide

Tom & Jenna Edwards

Do you know how much the Chromecast can do? There’s a lot more to this powerful little device than you might think!  Let us show you the power of the Chromecast and introduce you to invaluable tips and tricks that will unlock its full potential.

Here are just some of the topics covered…

  • Compare and contrast the Chromecast with its rivals Apple TV and Roku
  • Step by step basic set-up
  • Get started with Chromecast’s officially supported media partners
  • Chromecast guides for smart phone and tablet users
  • Chromecast guides for Kindle Fire Tablet owners – including Amazon Instant Video
  • Optimize the quality of your video streaming
  • How to cast media from all the other great websites you love

What we Did

  • Print interior layout for the paperback edition
  • Adapted cover and added the spine and back cover for the paperback edition