Coaley to Stoke and Beyond

The Jellymans

P. Lomath & D. Flanagan

Coaley to Stoke The Jellymans Pat Lomath

Enoch and Ann Jellyman applied to the New Zealand Company for a free passage to New Zealand. This was granted to them and they sailed from London on 29 October 1841, arriving in Nelson on 28 February the following year.

Why did they leave England for an unknown land? Economic hardship, irregular work and a chance to own their own land were the most common reasons for the decision, but sometimes it was to escape from a dangerous job. Before they left, Enoch was working as a stone miner in the coal mines — a dangerous job at best and suicidal at worst given the death rate for workers in the industry.

They worked hard in their new land, were prudent and although there were times of hardship, they prospered and reached their goal of owning land. None of their family of 11 children died in childhood and all lived to become adults.

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