From Cambodians to Kiwis

A Legacy

Julie Chuor


Work hard. Raise children. Retire. And in between all that, have a little fun, eat good food, and travel. A normal life, for normal people.
For Kim and Helen Chuor, normal was what they desperately sought, without the in between stuff. During the five traumatic years of starvation and deprivation at the hands of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, all they wanted was the basics: food, a home, their family and most of all, safety.
Their story of struggle and escape is an incredible one. A tragic story of separation, loss, death but also of luck, hope and survival.
Today, they have a normal life. They’ve worked hard, raised children, and retired. They’ve also had a little fun, eaten good food and travelled in between. But, they never forget the journey it took to have a normal life.
This is their story, for their grandchildren.

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Julie Chuor, the eldest daughter of Kim and Helen Chuor, is first generation Kiwi and lives in New Zealand. She was raised in a western world by parents with old fashioned values and beliefs. When she was young, she was one of the very few Chinese at school, with a notably restricted life compared to other children.
As a child but more so as a teenager, she often wished her parents would be more like the other parents and let her have some freedom. As an adult, she understands their fears and worries of raising a family in a strange country with a strange culture, and not knowing how to embrace the western way.
Now, with three Kiwi children of her own who are unbound by those same restrictions, it is important to her that the values and beliefs which drove her parents strict approach are not lost. So, she has written their story and from this, she hopes that her children will be humble and grounded people, and most importantly, realise what amazing grandparents they have.

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