My Bum Looks Brilliant in This

The one true secret of lasting weight loss

Karen Nimmo

Originally traditionally published, Karen the author, retrieved her rights and reissued the book in both an updated print edition and the first ever eBook edition. 

How much time have you spent agonising over your body and weight?

Have you ever thought: I look at food and it goes on my hips. I have the world’s slowest metabolism. Diets don’t work for me. Why wasn’t I born with skinny genes?

In this NO-MORE-RELAPSES approach, clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo tells you the truth about lasting weight loss. Her work and studies with women over 25 years have found:

  • Your life — past and present — controls your weight and the way you look.
  • Our body image and self-esteem influences your weight.
  • Sort out your life and your weight will take care of itself.

What we Did

  • Typography and page layout for print edition.
  • Sourcing of and liaising with local printer.
  • eBook layout for Amazon (MOBI) edition.
  • Print-on-demand version for Amazon print edition.
  • Setup of accounts on Amazon for the author.

Karen lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She has previously been published by Random House.