Not out of Fear

The Era of Zether — Book 1

Jonathan Britten

The enemies of the icy Northern World have at last been defeated and the kingdom is slowly and reluctantly transitioning from a military based society to one where merchant traders are assuming importance. But from out of the snow comes an infernal figure, the Masked King, a pyromancer who desires nothing less than the destruction of the entire Northern World. Hyranmirine, the young daughter of a leading warrior family, learns of this powerful enemy and resolves to slay him to prove herself, but with hundreds of warriors and a far more worthy hero competing against her, how can she vanquish this creature with virtually no skill to her name? By an incredible fluke, a wizard pledges his assistance, but things go awry for Hyranmirine in more ways than one when he turns out to be arguably the most deceitful and dissolute wizard in existence.

What we Did

  • eBook formatting
  • Cover design (from commissioned illustration)