One Nine Six Eight

A Novel

Luke F Harris

The next few hours are a blur to me now, a hazy memory, a dream half-forgotten in the morning light. Yet if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can catch glimpses of what happened. Despite the years that have passed, I can still smell the faintest of sea breezes, I can still feel the prickle of raindrops on my skin. Sometimes, when I am drifting off to sleep, I can still hear the rhythmic thud of the waves as they pound the shore not ten metres from Aunt Joanie’s doorstep. I can also hear the screams.

What we Did

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Luke F Harris is an emergent novelist, based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Born and raised in Berkshire, England, Luke emigrated to New Zealand in 2009, where he has forged a successful career as an editor.
SAM was Luke’s debut novel, 1968 is his second novel.

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