Seeing How

Beating Blind Spots

Jewel Dell

Jewel writes eloquently and engagingly about her loss of sight and how she copes and adapts — she gives advice and hope for others facing blindness. And there are recipes!

She is an accomplished author and artist and has adapted and invented techniques to enable her to continue to write and draw.

“Eventually a start is made. By now my neck is getting a crick, my mind’s eye which holds the outline I want — temporarily gives up. Making for the kitchen I pour another coffee. It’s all too easy to put off the moment of truth. I do not want to face this fact. I cannot now illustrate with competency, but I WILL DRAW SOMETHING. My soul craves absolution that I still can. It is a challenge!”

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Jewel Dell is an accomplished author and artist. This book talks about how she is overcoming her loss of sight and adapting & inventing techniques to allow her to continue to write and draw.


Reading Jewel Dell’s account of her journey through blindness was a captivating and at times exhausting experience an she vividly expressed her thoughts and feelings during what must have been an extremely traumatic experience.

“Concentrate on ‘how’ instead of ‘can’t” really sums up the way she worked out new options to carry out everyday tasks with a wry sense of humour which really lifts the mood of the story.

Following the ‘Writing to Heal’ formula, Jewel wrote about the traumas of going blind, the hurdles she was jumping and the overwhelming, compulsive need to blow off steam.

This story would be of particular interest to anyone faced with the same situation with many practical hints on how to maintain and happy, independent life. Luckily there has been some improvement in Jewel’s sight after all the hard work she and her professional carers have put on.

Helen Danes, journalist, newspaper editor, novelist.