Tale of Southland — Murihiku

Author and editor: Alison Broad. Photographs: David Russell, Southern Exposures

The ‘Tale of Southland — Murihiku’ sculpture had its official opening on Friday 21 August 2015.

It had its beginnings more than two years earlier, and was inspired by the work that South Alive, the South Invercargill Urban Rejuvenation Trust, was doing to rejuvenate and reinvigorate South Invercargill.

Cliff Broad, an Invercargill businessman who had retired to Queenstown, was reading his Southland Times one May morning in 2013, when his attention was captured by an article about the work being done by South Alive to rejuvenate South Invercargill. Cliff had a lifelong interest in South Invercargill because of his mother’s family links with the area. They, the Lister family, had lived in Earn St and had been part of the South Invercargill community for two or three generations. Cliff had also travelled extensively throughout his lifetime, and had developed a keen appreciation of the pride and delight that public art can engender.

What we Did

  • Cover design
  • Image collation and editing
  • Page design
  • Print liaison

The sculpture design was purchased from David Trubridge, based in Hawkes Bay, and the fabrication, painting and installation were all managed in Invercargill. Sheet Metalcraft in South Invercargill undertook the fabrication work, Pneumatic Contractors did the painting, and Kensington Consulting did the engineering modelling and design work. All involved contributed enormous goodwill, commitment and expertise, translating David’s exquisite design into a beautiful steel reality. This process was underpinned by extraordinary support and guidance from the Invercargill City Council, especially from Cameron McIntosh and Russell Pearson, the Council’s Roading Manager, and from Robin Pagan and his Parks team.

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