Tevye’s Daughters: No Laughing Matter

Jan Lisa Huttner

As you’d expect from a book about the famous musical—Fiddler on the Roof—this was a challenging project to make it look good in both print and eBook format.

Conventional wisdom has it that Fiddler on the Roof is about Tevye, a beleaguered patriarch persecuted by his neighbors and “desperately clinging to Tradition.” But in this surprising book, Jan Lisa Huttner turns the reader’s focus away from Tevye and onto his daughters.

What is tradition? Who makes the matches? Should people who want to marry each other be allowed to make that choice? These questions are just as important now as they were fifty years ago—in 1964—when Fiddler on the Roof made its original debut on the Broadway stage.

What we Did

  • Typography and page layout for print edition.
  • eBook layout for Amazon (MOBI) edition.
  • Print-on-demand version for Amazon print edition.

Jan Lisa Huttner  is an award-winning American film critic, journalist and activist. Jan  has written numerous columns for both independent and prominent publications that include: The Huffington Post, JUF News, World Jewish Digest, Reel Chicago, and WomenArts. Read more about Jan on Wikipedia