The Collected Short Stories of Robert Philip Bolton

Robert Philip Bolton

There is nothing more interesting in the world than people. And the people of New Zealand ­­­­— their wives and lovers, their loves and hates, their pets and children, their sickness and health — are no different from any other except for the wry and whimsical view of them, their experiences and their lives, as reported by the Auckland-born author of this diverse collection of more than seventy short stories.

It’s a collection that offers an insight into the way the people of New Zealand — a beautiful and remote ‘down-under’ country — view the rest of the world. It includes stories of New Zealanders placed, for one reason or another, in countries as diverse as France, Italy, Germany and the United States as well as at home in New Zealand.

“Bolton’s interesting sentence structures move the narratives along smoothly, the stories unfolding in almost a conversational way, with a range of interesting topics and storylines that leave the reader with plenty to savour. In this collection Bolton clearly marks himself out as one of New Zealand’s most readable short-story writers.”

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