The Creation of Prime

Androids to the Asteroid Belt

Malcolm Turner

The Creation of Prime cover

This book is one person’s perception of Humanity’s course in its attempts to conquer the Solar System and give itself more options to survive such things as asteroid impact with the Earth or a pandemic outbreak. This is a story of android and human endeavor to mine the vast resources of the Asteroid Belt and build homes out in space for mankind to survive in.

What we Did

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I was born back in the time when some could still believe the Moon was a giant cheese floating above my home town.

I had a childhood of fishing, swimming and yachting on the waters of the Waitemata. I was one of the millions who cheered as Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon in 1969.

Since then I have had many dreams of the stars both near and far. I’ve read many books, searched the internet and this novel is the result. I hope you enjoy.

Malcolm T

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