The Essence

A Ghost Story in Three Days

Vel Grande


No one could expect the ghostly adventures shared by Alyssa, Bradley, and Sean, when their parents take a long weekend from home. On their first morning alone, Alyssa discovers that her baby brother Sean received a magical, glass wand from a pair of ghosts, who he calls the buddies. Along with brother Bradley, the three Dempsey children begin interacting with a dark and dangerous spirit-world in which the sinister owner of the wand lives, and from whom it was stolen.

What we Did

  • Proof reading of combined edition
  • Typography and page layout for print edition
  • Creation of full print cover including spine and back cover
  • eBook formatting for Amazon (MOBI) edition
  • eBook formatting for ePub edition

Vel is another of our international authors, from the US. (Yes we can source American native speakers as proof readers and editors if required).