The Landwaster

Chronicles of the Scraeling — Book One

M J Burr

Meet The Scraeling…….
‘The most dangerous little bugger alive’ is how the terrible Landwaster, Harald Hardraada, describes his chief of staff, The Scraeling, and this novel chronicles part of his story.

Torn at fifteen from a convent devastated by a viking raid, the cripple derisively nicknamed ‘The Scraeling’ uses his intellect, his learning and his organisational skills not just to survive in a world that prizes strength and savagery above all else, but to become indispensable to the band and its ruthless leader.

What we Did

  • Print layout for both local printing and print-on-demand
  • Extension of existing cover design to include spine and back cover
  • eBook formatting

This is the second of Mike’s books that we’ve formatted for print and eBook – his early book, also historical is Look Away, Dixieland