The Merwars

Merwars — Book 1

Stephanie Fallows

They were carried towards a large door that reached the ceiling. The door was black and heavy looking. Outside the door were ten Merlords armed with merspears guarding the door. They were dressed in warlike combat gear, with heavy shell armour. Their merspears were placed in an upright crossed position across the door. They looked real and menacing. When the Mercrabs arrived, they made horrible gutterlike sounds.

What we Did

  • Cover design using supplied illustration
  • eBook formatting

Stephanie Fallows was born in Wellington, New Zealand. She lived her childhood in Westmere, Wanganui. Her first novel, The Merwars, is based on her childhood, family and pets. The sequel to this novel, The Saw-U Killers, is the start of a new series, also involving her family. She now resides in Te Puke, the Bay of Plenty, where she enjoys gardening and walking her three dogs.