The Rise of the Crustaceans

The Merwars Book 4

Stephanie Fallows

Cypode was known as the Great Gulf Ghost Crab. His Latin name was Hoplocypode occidentalis and he came from the Gulf of California. He must have somehow clawed his way to Animalia. His two best mates were the Painted Ghost Crab known for short as ‘Painty’ and the Atlantic Ghost Crab known as Pode. Normally the Gulf Ghost Crabs and Atlantic Ghost crabs don’t come from the same area but in Animalia they had formed a great friendship. Painty was literally painted bright red in colour, and he had huge horns on his eyestalks. The horns made him look real nasty, but he was actually a pretty nice bloke. His gang of crablets lived close by to Cypode and Pode in the rocks by the beach. Together they had set up forces in burrows in the sandy beach close to where Emily lived.

What we Did

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