What is Your Core Business?

A paradigm shift for suicide prevention. How parents, teachers and the community can help teenagers achieve maturity safely and happily without mental distress.

S R Cheyne

Suicide rates are increasing along with the numbers of people suffering from depression and anxiety. No one is asking why people are depressed and anxious.

What is Your Core Business? is a paradigm shift, based on the author’s over 20 years of working in healthcare. It is written to help people develop their own Core Business, with absolute ownership and so become their true authentic self.

This Core Business creates happiness and decreases anxiety or depression, so suicide is not an option. It is for both teens and parents, confronting, but in a kind way.

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I have worked in healthcare over the past 23 years, and the ideas in this book are based largely upon what I have seen in my practice, augmented by personal reading and study. I am a parent, so also reflected are conversations I have had with my children. I believe that the ideas I have developed can help people to function and have a purpose and to find their true, authentic self: that is, a whole person with a healthy life, good nutrition, good work–life balance and a robust mental state.