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POD or warehouse for books

Print Distribution – Warehouse or Print-on-Demand ?

By Lis

If you are interested in eBook distribution –  check out this article. This time though I want to talk about the old and new when it comes to paperback distribution. Most writers we work with understand that eBooks are a new and exciting development in the world of publishing. What they don’t realize that print-on-demand…

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eBook Distribution for New Zealanders

eBook Distribution — Where Do People Buy My eBook?

By Lis

A question we often get asked is — how are eBooks distributed? Authors, especially those who are familiar with traditional publishing and paperback books, wonder how the system works for eBooks. In short — it’s a lot more straightforward than traditional publishing. eBooks are just a computer file. There are two main formats: MOBI for Amazon and ePub…

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