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Why New Zealand Writers Should Be Selling Books On Amazon

By Lis

Talking to a client yesterday, it afterwards occurred to me that not everyone, particularly in New Zealand, has been buying from Amazon for 15 years, like I have. Knowing what and why is happening on an Amazon book page is important because: Much of it is under you, the author’s, control. Amazon is a master…

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Why Would I Want To Give My Book Away for Free?

By Lis

I took a telemarketing call yesterday. It was a power company wanting me to switch my home’s electricity and gas to them. They convinced me — not on their massively cheaper prices, it was marginal, but because they offered me something for free — $200 credit on my first bill. Yes there was a quid pro…

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DIY Publishing - welcome

Hi and Welcome to DIY Publishing!

By Lis

Hi and thanks for stopping by! We’re aren’t quite ready yet — but what website ever is? Lis and Kris are just too excited to not talk about our little baby DIYPublishing — so it seemed we needed to get this website alive. Our aim is to inform and assist writers who want to get their book…

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