Discovering Yourself in New Zealand

Pallas Hupe Cotter

Are you tempted to move to New Zealand?

Middle-earth (after all, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed there) is a unique place if you are interested in a fresh start, and a place to reinvent.

Pallas Hupé Cotter knows that firsthand. In 2011, she, her husband, and two sons moved to New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, and discovered why people are drawn to “the edge of the universe” as Bill Manhire, New Zealand’s inaugural Poet Laureate, once wrote.

New Zealand is one of the rare places where you can still find stillness and time. It’s a country that allows you to discover it at your own pace, as you discover yourself, through its breathtaking beauty, genuine people, and creative opportunities.

What we Did

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Pallas Hupe Cotter is an Emmy-award winning television news journalist from the U.S. She spent two decades in the business, working from coast to coast in markets like Detroit, Michigan and Sacramento, California.

With a Master’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, Pallas has focused most recently on publishing two books: The POP Process, Discovering Your Passion, Purpose & Personality as well as Discovering Yourself in New Zealand, Inspiration for Reinventing Your Life.