Steve Hodgkinson

Our hero, Sam Miro PhD, is on a roll. Newly promoted and named as ‘Young Researcher of the Year’, it seems as if his passion for science and his commitment to the environment is finally paying off. That is, until Sam gets embroiled in a conspiracy to derail the government by creating an ecological crisis that no one wants to believe.

Seemingly, only Sam can avert impending disaster. As if he doesn’t have enough problems what with a disastrous new boss and two very different women claiming his close attention…

What we Did

  • Internal page layout for paperback edition.
  • Adapt cover design and creation of spine and back cover for paperback edition.
  • Sourcing of local printer for paperback.
  • eBook layout for Amazon (MOBI) edition.
  • print-on-demand version for Amazon print edition.
  • Setup of accounts on Amazon for the author.